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WHO WE ARE? - About EHA "Green World"

author: Olexander Stepanenko

Environmental Humanitarian Association «Green World» (EHA «Green World») is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation.

Registration date: March 9, 1998.

According to the Statute, the main vector of activity is preserving the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the region, as a quintessential value for people’s harmonic existence. This includes Environmental rights protection.

Our goals:

- study, preserve and restore the natural heritage of the region;
- improve the ecological situation in the region;
- effectively distribute ecological, historical, cultural and human-right-protection information;
- provide access monitoring and protect people’s ecological rights in courts, local and state authorities;
- improve people’s ecological and right-protecting sense;
- popularize the integrity/humanism principles;
- introduce the sustainable development principles to the masses.


Our principles:

- humanism;
- nature-respecting outlook;
- openness and transparency;
- active public position and responsibility;
- partnership and public relations;
- modesty and conservative use of natural resources.

Statutory administrative bodies:

- General Meeting;
- Management Board;
- Executive council;
- Supervisory Board

EHA "Green World" is a legal entity. National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations Code - 25347153.

Our partners:

- National Ecology Centre of Ukraine (Kyiv);
- Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group (Kharkiv);
- "Ecoclub" NGO (Rivne);
- "Helsinki Initiative - XXI" (Chortkiv);
- Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.


Our membership in NGO associations and unions:

- Ukrainian River Network (since 2002);
- Ukrainian Climate Network workgroup (since 2001);
- Khortytsia Forum (since 2005);
- Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (since 2010);


Our Team



Liubomyr Mahomet, Collegium Chairman

Born in 1966. Education: Ternopil Institute of Economy and Finance, graduated in 1990.
Career: self-employed person.
Member since 2005.
People’s Deputy for Chortkiv city council (5 convocations during 2000-2024).
Civic education:
- Leadership School for NGO’s (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 2008);
- USAID info tour and internship program on public relations and natural resources (2010).


Natalia Bohdanets, Collegium member

Born in 1964. Education: Chernivtsi National University, graduated in 1989.

Career: chemistry teacher in Chortkiv "Ridna Shkola" gymnasium.

Leader of “Kovcheg” Youth Eco-Club.

Member since 1992.

Civic education:

- Leadership courses for eco-NGO’s (Ecology Institute of the National Ecology Centre of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2003);
- "Open World" info tour to the United States of America (2007).


Zoryana Leseyko, Collegium member

Born in 1964. Education: Lviv National Medical University, graduated in 1989.
Career: pediatrician in Chortkiv city hospital.
Member since 2008.
Leader of a public animal-protecting organization. Alpinist. Highest climbing ascension - mt. Kazbec (2014).
Civic education:
- Leadership School for NGO’s (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group,2012).



Liudmyla Chyzhyshyna, Supervisory Board member

Education: Tselinograd State Pedagogical Institute, graduated in 1982.

Literature lecturer in Chortkiv Humanitarian and Pedagogical College, named after O.Barvinsky. Counselor, student theater studio director.
Member since 1998. Humanitarian activity supervisor.


Oleksandr Stepanenko, Executive Director

Born in 1959. Education: Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical Univeristy.
Career: Chernihiv city hospital, Koriukivka hospital (surgeon, 1983-1986), Chortkiv city hospital (anesthesiologist, 1986-2015).
Managing and analytic experience in NGO’s - 26 years.
"Ukrainian People’s Movement" co-founder (Chortkiv, 1989-1990).
Co-founder of EHA "Green World". Chairman (1997-2010), Executive Director (since 2010).
"Helsinki Initiative-XXI" NGO Chairman (since 2006). Board member of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (2006-2013? 2015 - 2016).
People’s Deputy for Ternopil regional council (1990-1994, 2002-2006, 2006-2009). People’s Deputy for Chortkiv city council (2009-2014). Nonpartisan.
Civic education:
- NGO Leadership School (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 2001);
-" Free Speech Technique" course (Polish-Czech Solidarity Foundation, Warsaw, 2001 and 2006);
- Leadership courses for eco-NGO’s (Ecology Institute of the National Ecology Centre of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2003);
- Helsinki Human Rights Foundation Summer School (Warsaw, 2009).
Project design and analytic activity:
- Kharkiv Human Rights Protecting Group information bulletin for Ternopil region (Press-centre coordinator, 2000-2004);
- Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union public reception office in Ternopil town (Administrator, 2007-2016);
- "Human Rights in Ukraine" Ukrainian NGO yearly reports (Human rights expert, co-author of analytic chapters, 2007-2016);
- "Modernization Strategy for Ukraine. View of the independent experts." document (Workgroup member, ecologic policy expert);
- Ukraine’s General Periodical Report for UN Human Rights Committee (Co-author, human rights expert, 2012 - 2016).
Member of advisory and consulting structures:
- Member of Consultative Council of the Parliament’s Ombudsman for Human Rights (2012-2016);
- "Dniester Eco-Wave" public campaign coordinator on "Dniester Canyon" Natural Reserve Park issues (2007-2009);
- "Docudays UA" International Documentary Film Festival coordinator in Ternopil region (2008-2023).


*  *  *  


Registered office: Lesi Ukrainky str. 8/1, Chortkiv, Ternopil region, Ukraine.

Mail address: PO Box 12, Chortkiv, Ternopil region, Ukraine.

Postal code: 48501.

Website: http://greenworld.in.ua/

e-mail: gr.world@gmail.com

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GreenKindWorld





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