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EHA "Green World" projects and activities:

Current Project: “Green World 20th Anniversary: Further Development Insight”.

Within the project we strive to organize events aiming to develop a further strategy for the organization, improve internal management processes, communicative capacity, social and media presence and run trainings for members and volunteers. The project is supported by the European Union, NECU, Ukrainian Climate Network, Austrian Development Agency and Rotes Kreuz;

2014 – 2015 Project: “Dniester Canyon: one of the natural miracles of Ukraine will preserve together!”. Supported by GLOBAL GREENGRANTS FUND (USA) ;

2009 – 2017 Project: Public reception office of The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union in Ternopil city, supported by the European Union and SIDA;

2006-2016 Activity: "Human Rights in Ukraine" NGO yearly reports. Contribution to the "Environment Human Rights" chapter;

2012 - 2016 Activity: Ukraine’s  Universal Periodic Review (2nd edition) for the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Contribution to the "Environment Human Rights" chapter;

2009 Activity: "Modernization Strategy for Ukraine. View of the independent experts". Contribution to the "Social and Economic Modernization of the State" and "Fundamental Values for the Advancement of Democracy" chapters;

2008 - 2014 Activity: EHA “Green World” has initiated the creation of 10 natural reserves in the region;

2008 - 2017 Activity: EHA "Green World" is a regional partner of the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival;

2010 - 2011 Project: "Inhabited localities: planning and construction. Public access right implementation". Supported by "TCK" center;

2008 - 2010 Project: "NPP Dniester Canyon Advancement: Public access to the decision-making process ". Supported by Global Greengrants Fund (USA);

2007 Activity: "Environmental Human Rights Implementation" (coordination activity) and "Administrative Judicature Improvement and Environmental Human Rights Protection in Courts " (regional partner). Both projects were supervised by Ukrainian Expert and NGO Network and supported by "Renaissance" International Foundation;

2006 - 2007 Activity: "Monitoring of the Environmental Human Rights Implementation in Ukraine" network project, supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine. Coordinative activity, contribution to the "Human Rights in Ukraine 2016" monitoring report;

2006: Energy-saving demo project (windows insulation in Chortkiv Gymnasium and Chortkiv city hospital). Supported by "Ecoclub" NGO volunteers (Rivne);

2004 - 2005 Project: People’s initiative for the "Water for Life" Environment Protection Action Plan for the region. Supported by ICSSA "Ednannia" and UCAN program;

2003 - 2006 Activity: Participation in the Human Rights Protecting NGOs’ campaign against torturing;

2004 - 2005 Project: "Public Access to State Affairs". Supported by "Koreni Travy" NGO and "Renaissance" International Foundation;

2005: EHA "Green World" has contributed to the Ethical Activity Principles for the "Khortytsia Forum" Ukrainian environment-protecting movement;

2004: EHA "Green World" has signed the Declaration of the Ethical Activity Principles for NGOs and obliged to follow and respect the notion of the document;

2002 - 2005 Activity: EHA "Green World" participated in the development process of the ethical activity principles for Ukrainian NGOs;

2003 - 2005 Activity: Participation in the "A Single Electronic Communication Platform for Ukrainian Eco-NGOs" project. The project was initiated by "GreenKIT" workgroup to develop facilitation tools for the progress of web-communications and real partnership in nature-preserving activity. Supported by Milieukontakt Oost-Europe (Netherlands);

2002 - 2003 Activity: "Public Evaluation of the Ecologic Policy in Ukraine" basic document, designed by Ukrainian Eco-NGO workgroup and presented on the Minister Summit on the Environment Protection in the EU (Kyiv). Contribution to the "Environmental Policy and Law" chapter;

2001 - 2007 Publications: A number of articles in the "Human Rights" info bulletin, issued by Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group;

2002 - 2006: "Tree of Life" local informational and youth-upbringing campaign, initiative for the legitimation of the status of the botanical nature monuments - exotic and centenarian trees in Chortkiv town. Supported by "Kovcheg" eco-club volunteers;

2002 - 2006: Propagandistic campaign for the creation of a regional landscape park in the basin of Seret river. Supported by "Kovcheg" eco-club volunteers;

2002 - 2003: "Quit Smoking Together: Adults and Kids" local informational and youth-upbringing campaign, together with "Doctors Eco-Initiative" and "Kovcheg" eco-club;

2001 - 2002: Self-publishing of an info-bulletin and thematic brochure series on nature preserving and sustainable development issues. The "Eco Media" project was supported by ICSSA "Ednannia" and Charles Mott Foundation.

2000 Activity: Theoretic conference "Ukraine in the 21th Century: sustainable development issues and perspectives.";

1999 Activity: public hearings on household waste management in Chortkiv city;

1998-1999 Activity: Together with Ukrainian NGO Workgroup on Nuclear Safety, Public Awareness and Human Rights, public hearings campaign were held in 13 cities of Ukraine. Topic: modernization plans and adding new reactors to Khmelnytsky and Rivne nuclear power plants.

1998 - 2007 Activity: "The Tree Days" yearly spring festivities for youth (educational courses, tree planting);

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