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EHA "Green World" activity report 2015

author: Olexander Stepanenko

Coordination activity on public reception office of The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union in Ternopil city, together with "Helsinki Initiative - XXI". The project is supported by European Union and SIDA. The reception office is situated on 11 Zhyvova street, office #903. The main activities of the year were juridical support for victims and refugees of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, including support at the places of residence.
Support activity on the Public Access to Information seminar in Ternopil city, organized by Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group and Cabinet of Ministers Secretary of Ukraine.

Support activity on Docudays UA local documentary film clubs, together with "Helsinki Initiative - XXI". The clubs are operating in Chortkiv central regional library and Kopychyntsi prison #112.

November-December: partnership support on Travelling Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA in six different regions (Borschiv, Buchach, Zalischyky, Gusyatyn, Monastyryska, Chortkiv regions and Chortkiv town).

Partnership support on Ukrainian Human Rights Week events in Ternopil region, organized by "Helsiki Initiative XXI" on Nowember - December.
Information support on "Human Rights in Ukraine - 2015" analytic report ("Environmental Human Rights" chapter).

Supervising and monitoring activity of several juridical cases in administrative courts.

Project completed: “Dniester Canyon: one of the natural miracles of Ukraine will preserve together!”.

Historic and local lore essays completed: "Carl Lanckoronsky" (author: Andriy Stepanenko) and "Joseph Opatsky" (author: Olexandr Stepanenko).
Educational events on the environment and tourism: participation and support on "Zarvanytsia-Chenstohova" bicycle trip (organized by Olexiy Huska).
Financial activity:

In the period of January-May, the remaining funds were spent from Global Greengrants Fund. “Dniester Canyon: one of the natural miracles of Ukraine will preserve together!” project was finalized. For the remaining year, no additional funds were raised by the organization from grants and charity.

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