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EHA "Green World" activity report 2016

author: Olexander Stepanenko

Coordination activity on the public reception office of The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union in Ternopil city, together with "Helsinki Initiative - XXI". The project is supported by European Union and SIDA. The reception office is situated on 11 Zhyvova street, office # 903. A large amount of outreaching consultations was performed in Chortkiv and Krements free juridical support centers, Buchach Regions Council, Ternopil Central Library of Science and State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine institutions. Online consulting services were available through Internet centers of Ternopil libraries network.

Support activity on Docudays UA local documentary film club events, together with "Helsinki Initiative - XXI". The clubs were operating in Chortkiv prison, Chortkiv central regional library and Kopychyntsi prison #112.

October-December: partnership support on Travelling Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA in seven different regions (Borschiv, Buchach, Zalischyky, Gusyatyn, Monastyryska, Chortkiv regions and Chortkiv town). Film presentations were arranged also in Kosiv and Verkhovyna districts of Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Support activity on the project: "Dumaydan: Urban Green Zones Preservation in Ukraine", by The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.
November: EHA "Green World" has joined and actively contributed to the festive events to commemorate the 40-year Anniversary of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.

Information support on "Human Rights in Ukraine - 2016" analytic report ("Environmental Human Rights" chapter) and Ukrainian NGO Coalition’s Alternative Report for periodic inspection of Ukraine by UN Human Rights Council.

Supervising and monitoring activity of several juridical cases in administrative courts. In particular, a trial was won regarding access to information on the hydro power plant construction project on the Seret river and the decision recall for the General City Construction Plan (approved in an illegal way, ignoring conclusions of the ecologic expertise) in Chortkiv. One case has been passed to the European Human Rights Court.

Educational events on the environment and tourism: participation and support on "Zarvanytsia-Krakow" bicycle trip (organized by Olexiy Guska).

New project start: “Green World 20th Anniversary: Further Development Insight”. Within the project we strive to organize events aiming to develop a further strategy for the organization, improve internal management processes, communicative capacity, social and media presence and run trainings for members and volunteers. The project is supported by the European Union, NECU, Ukrainian Climate Network, Austrian Development Agency and Rotes Kreuz;


Financial activity:

In the period of November-December, UAH 37 500 were spent, raised for the “Green World 20th Anniversary: Further Development Insight” project. Our members and volunteers do not receive any salaries for their work on this project. Throughout the year, no additional funds were raised by the organization from grants and charity.

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