EHA "Green World" 20 years: further development insight

author: Olexander Stepanenko

In May 2017, we finalize our activities on the framework project "20 Years - Further Development Insight". The project is intended to increase the institutional potency of the Ukrainian Climate Network organizations, currently working on the "Climate Forum East IІ" project (supported by the National Ecology Center of Ukraine, European Union, Austrian Development Agency and Rotes Kreuz).

We strive to develop a further development strategy for our organization, improve internal management processes, overall efficiency, communicative capacity, social image, media presence and run trainings for members and volunteers:

- The English version of the website has been launched;

- To celebrate 20 years of activity, we issue an illustrated brochure describing the most valuable projects and achievements in the history of the organization;

- The new edition of the Statute has been approved, Anticorruption Policy chapter and General Strategy for the period of 2017-2020.


The reworked Strategy document outlines our new objectives and expectations for the years to come:

- The Mission of EHA "Green World" is to contribute to the development of a Nature- and Human Rights-respecting society in Ukraine;

- In 2020, EHA "Green World" will become an influential, steadily expanding, self-sufficient organization, with effective reach to governing and social processes on local, regional, national and international grounds.


13 strategic areas of activity for the next three years:

1. Environmental education;

2. Human rights education;

3. Environmental human rights protection;

4. Sustainable development of local communities;

5. Natural reserves;

6. Climate changes. Preventive means researches / adaptation;

7. Eco-tourism development;

8. Bringing the respectful attitude to human dignity and rights, to the society;

9. Preservation of the historical and cultural heritage;

10. Publishing;

11. Institutional development of the Organization;

12. Personal development and self-education of the members;

13. Cooperation within NGO coalitions and unions.


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