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20 years: Further Development Insight

author: Olexander Stepanenko

Within 6 months EHA "Green World" worked on the project “We have 20 years – the vision of further development”.

The project was completed on June 1

The most notable results – summary:
* new Statute Document for the organization: developed, approved;
* governmental registration procedure for the updated Statute Document: passed;
* new Development Strategy Document for the organization (for the period of 2016-2020): developed, approved;
* Anticorruption policy concept for the organization: developed;
* technical reconstruction of the website: completed;
* English version of the website launch, content translation: done;
* EHA "Green World" Facebook page registration, content filling and updating: done;
* 5 members of the organization (O. Guska, O.Stepanenko, M. Bezushko, Z. Leseyko, L. Mahomet) have attended educational courses, trainings, workshops, seminars, thematic schools and info tours;
* increasing the resource base of the organization: notebook PC purchased;
* Illustrated brochure on the history of the organization, dedicated to its 20-years anniversary: designed, published.


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