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EHA “Green World” 2017 activity report

author: Олександр Степаненко ЕГО Зелений Світ

During January-May 2017, our organizational capacity-improving project continued, entitled "20 years - Further Development Insight", supported by a NECU sub-grant.

The interim results of project implementation are as follows:
• a new version of the Statute has been developed, taking into account the most recent legislative innovations;
• EHA “Green World” Development Strategy document for 2017-2020: developed and approved by the General Meeting;
• EHA “Green World” anti-corruption policy document: developed and approved;
• a technical overhaul of the website has been made and its English version created;
• a Facebook page has been created to serve as an tool for internal and external communication;
• 5 members and volunteers of the organization (O. Huska, O. Stepanenko, M. Bezushko, Z. Leseiko, L. Makhomet, S. Dutchak) participated in various thematic schools, seminars, trainings and workshops;
• a brochure has been published to commemorate the 20-year Anniversary of the organization.

In 2017, EHA “Green World” acted as a regional partner for the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU), providing assistance in consultative activities in Ternopil region. As of the end of 2017, due to lack of office rent funds, the UHHRU reception activity in Ternopil is suspended.

Partnership-building continued in the Ukrainian Climate Network format. Thus, EHA “Green World” representatives joined the information tour "Energy Independence - Our Common Business", organized by the Ukrainian Climate Network and their partners, which took place during May 22-31 in the cities of southern and western Ukraine.

On May 18-19, EHA "Green World" and "Ecoclub" (Rivne) actively participated in "Sustainable Energy Days in Chortkiv" events.
In December 2017, in the format of “Program of Internal Internships” introduced by the Ukrainian Climate Network, EHA “Green World” volunteer Andrii Stepanenko passed a week-long internship at “Ecoclub” (Rivne).

Our colleague Maria Bezushko completed her Erasmus+ “EVS” internship. The year-long course took place in an eco-settlement located in the village of Sukinai (Lithuania).

Through the year, EHA “Green World” supported the “Free Dnister” movement initiatives aimed at preserving the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the Dnister Canyon, which is threatened by the possibility of construction of six hydropower plants. In particular, an appeal was sent to the Government with a proposal to cancel the “Ukrainian Hydropower Development Program” by 2026 and stop financing the "Upper Dniester Hydroelectric Power Plants Cascade" project. We’ve also published and distributed in the region 500 copies of the booklet "Let’s defend one of Ukraine’s seven Natural Wonders!".
EHA “Green World” members contributed to a conference held in Chernivtsi within the project "Hydropower Development of Ukraine - Public Analysis in the Context of Eurointegration Processes". The main issues discussed at the conference were the risks to the entire Dnister ecosystem and, in due course, to the “Dnister Canyon” National Nature Park, related to Government’s intentions of building a cascade of six hydroelectric power plants. We presented at the conference our own report on the history of establishment of Dnister basin’s protected areas. The conference delegates prepared a joint resolution entitled "Balanced development of the Dnister Basin is impossible without ecosystem preservation activity". For a whole year, a representative of EHA “Green World” has been working as a member of “Dnister Canyon” NNP scientific council.

A representative of the organization (Oleksandr Stepanenko) also participated in two UHHRU “Human Rights House” summer schools in Chernihiv, which took place within the framework of the "Understand Human Rights" program in July-August 2017.

On July 3-7, the All-Ukrainian Summer Advocacy School for Librarians was held in Zalishchyky, organized by Zalishchyky Central Regional Library and the Ukrainian Library Association. EHA “Green World” presented an illustrated report entitled "On the Preservation of Transnistrian Natural Heritage" to the assembly of Ukrainian public library employees.

Throughout the year, in cooperation with Helsinki Initiative-XXI, “Docudays UA” human rights documentary movie clubs have been supported: at the premises of Chortkiv Central Library (Cinema Club on Zelena Street), Chortkiv Penal Institution No.26 and Kopychyntsi Penal Colony No.112 (FreeZone Cinema Clubs).

In March 2017, a representative of the organization took part in the human rights activities of the “Docudays UA” 14th International Documentary Film Festival in Kyiv.

In October-November 2017, EHA “Green World” provided partner assistance for Docudays UA Traveling Documentary Movie Festival in Ternopil region’s seven districts (Borshchiv, Buchach, Zalishchyky, Gusiatyn, Zbarazh, Terebovlia, Chortkiv).

In October 2017, in partnership with Helsinki Initiative-XXI, several educational events were held in Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, dedicated to the person behind the “Ukrainian Athenian phenomenon” in Hutsulschyna, our countryman Oleksa Voliansky. A biographical essay was prepared for the regional media “Oleksa Voliansky: Quality education for the masses, a quintessence of Nation’s well-being”.

Financial operations: In the period of January-May 2017, 12200 UAH were spent for the purposes of the "20 years – Further Development Insight" project. EHA “Green World” members did not receive any financial compensation for their participation in the project.

There were no other cash inflows to the EHA “Green World” account over the course of the year.


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