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EHA “Green World” 2018 activity report

author: Олександр Степаненко ЕГО Зелений Світ

Throughout the year, EHA “Green World” have been supporting the “Free Dnister” movement initiatives aimed at preserving the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the Dnister Canyon, which is threatened by the possibility of construction of six hydropower plants.
In particular, a representative of the organization took part in the "Environmental Aspects of Hydropower Development in Ukraine" hearings held on April 12 in the Parliament.
On May 11, courses for teachers and students were held at the Tlumach boarding school (Ivano-Frankivsk region). An illustrated lecture entitled "Dnister Canyon: hydroelectric power plants construction risks" was presented to the audience. Children also studied a presentation entitled "Dnister Canyon - one of Ukraine’s Seven Natural Wonders".
An Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum working meeting was held in Kyiv on July 3. EHA “Green World” brought a presentation entitled “Dnister Canyon: hydroelectric power plants construction risks”.
On July 22, the All-Ukrainian Public Cooperation Forum “Let’s Keep the Dnister Free!” was held in Zalishchyky. EHA “Green World” gave to the audience an illustrated presentation entitled "Negative consequences of dam and hydroelectric power plant construction on Dnister mid-tributaries". Based on the discussion, a joint resolution was adopted.
On August 5, the Transnistrian Community Forum “Save Dnister!” was held in Zalishchyky, attended by local community representatives from Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions. EHA “Green World” brought to the forum a presentation entitled “Dnister Canyon: hydroelectric power plants construction risks”.

In 2018, partnership-building activity continued in the Ukrainian Climate Network (UCN) format.

On April 13, supported by EHA “Green World”, an initiative "To work by bike!" was held in Chortkiv, within the International Urban Mobility Movement, which included measures to promote the bicycle as an environmentally-friendly and healthy-way-of-life vehicle. The partners of the event were “CADENCE” cycling club, Kyiv Association of Cyclists and “Art-film” studio.

May 31 - June 1, EHA “Green World” joined the Sustainable Energy Days event held by Chortkiv Town Council in the context of meeting the terms of Mayors Covenant, the European Commission initiative aimed at voluntary integration of European cities into the sustainable energy movement and climate changes counteracting. During the panel discussion, EHA “Green World” published its own public assessment of the “Chortkiv Sustainable Energy Development Action Plan” document, previously developed by the City Council.

August 2-5, representatives of the organization participated in an ecological camp “GreenCamp” in the Carpathians, organized by the UCN in the village of Yavoriv, Kosiv district.

November 29-30, EHA “Green World” participated in a training entitled “Climate Change - Change the City”, organized by the UCN and “350.org” network in Lviv. The purpose of the training was methodology development for climate strategies for Ukrainian cities.

In July-August 2018, EHA “Green World” initiated a nationwide campaign of civil appeals for the protection of “Hutsulshchyna” National Nature Park from the attempts to raid its territory and impede the activity. Within the framework of the campaign, collective appeals were addressed from 16 NGO’s to the Government, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the National Police, the Ministry of Nature, the State Forestry Agency, and individual People’s Deputies of Ukraine, which offered to investigate illegal intrusions attempted by Pistyn Village Council officials and Kuty forestry employees - into the activity of "Hutsulshchyna" NPP, as well as taking measures to prevent those violations.

EHA “Green World” was also the initiator of a civic campaign entitled "The Year of Stanislav Vincenz", aimed at popularizing in Ukraine the heritage of an outstanding writer, philosopher and humanist Stanislav Vincenz, who is often referred to as the "Homer of Hutsulschyna". Within the framework of the campaign, we formed and systematically supported the Facebook public entitled "The Year of Stanislaw Vincenz", which by the end of the year had 120 participants from Ukraine, Poland, Germany and Israel. There were also a number of outreach activities (so called "Vincenz Meetings"): in the villages Sloboda (Kolomyia district), Bystrets, Holova, Kryvorivnya (Verkhovyna district), also in Kolomyia and Ternopil. The partners were Sloboda primary school, Sloboda village library named after Stanislav Vincenz, Bystrets secondary school, Bystrets village club, Holovy village club, Kryvorivnia Ivan Franko museum, Kryvorivnya secondary school, “Svitovid” art gallery in Kolomyia. Several publications on Vincenz’s heritage have also been prepared for national and regional media. The civic campaign activity wasn’t funded by any legal or natural entities, neither Ukrainian nor foreign.

June 26-28, EHA “Green World” representatives participated in the international conference entitled "The Vincenz’s Circle: The Future of the Carpathians", held within the framework of "Via Carpatia" Central and Eastern European Forum in the village of Kryvorivnia, Verkhovyna district.

In the course of implementation of our agreement with the “Carpathian Society” NGO (Warsaw), a walking tour “Kvasy-Bystrets” was organized and held on September 3-7. The tour was attended by students and teachers of the local school, local community representatives and "Hutsulshchyna" All-Ukrainian society members.

The biggest touring project of the year was the cycling pilgrimage to Rome, led by our colleague Oleksii Huska.

Throughout the year, in cooperation with Helsinki Initiative-XXI, “Docudays UA” human rights documentary movie clubs have been supported: at the premises of Chortkiv Central Library (Cinema Club on Zelena Street) and Chortkiv Penal Institution No.26.

In October-December, EHA “Green World” teamed-up with “Docudays UA” 15th Wandering Documentary Movie Festival in Ternopil region (Borshchiv, Buchach, Zalishchyky, Husiatyn, Zbarazh, Chortkiv districts and Chortkiv town), Ivano-Frankivsk region (Verkhovyna, Kosiv districts and Kolomyia town). The festival events took place in 27 towns and villages in two regions, with 29 screenings and 10 side events. There were 2 special showcases, in which 90 people took part, 14 open showcases with 390 visitors. The festival was attended by a total of 1560 people. For the duration of the festival, Facebook pages of the event were supported: "Traveling Docudays UA: Ternopil region" and "Traveling Docudays UA: from Zbruch to Cheremosh".
Throughout the year, a representative of EHA “Green World”, Oleksandr Stepanenko, has been working as a member of “Dnister Canyon” NNP scientific council.

A representative of the organization, Oleh Borovyi, has entered the Public Council of the Chortkiv Regional State Administration.

Throughout the year, the organization’s official website (http://greenworld.in.ua) has been maintained on a public basis and the information on it updated.
The “Green World Ecological and Humanitarian Association” Facebook page was also supported.

In 2018, EHA “Green World” didn’t conduct any financial transactions.

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