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Rise against "monstrous projects”, for the environment-friendly energy!


In 2019, EHA “Green World” is participating in an info campaign for the promotion of renewable energy and energy-conservation projects, run by a group of NGO’s united under the banner of the Ukrainian Climate Network (http://climategroup.org.ua/)

In the 21st century, our world is experiencing yet another energy revolution, caused by the organic fuels depletion and the negative impact of the carbon-based energy on the natural environment and human health. Climate change is one of the most threatening global challenges resulting from the consumption of coal, oil and gas. Ukraine does not cover its own needs for traditional energy resources from its own deposits, thus forced to import them. In addition, all existing Ukrainian TPP’s and NPP’s will completely exhaust their resource in 30 years.

That is why energy-saving solutions and renewable energy sources (RES), based on the use of energy of the Sun, wind, biomass, biogas, river flows, geothermal energy - are especially relevant in terms of our country’s energy independence.

Public environmental organizations therefore utterly support the Government’s initiatives to encourage the development of renewable energy sources and energy conservation.
It is clear that sustainable energy practices should cause minimal threat to the Environment, be technologically safe, consumer-friendly and affordable. We’re pushing against bigger energy projects, which are threatening the valuable nature conservation areas: the Dnister Canyon hydro power plant cascade, Borzhava windfarm cluster, Buzkyi Ghard hydroelectric power plant.

We also consider the Khmelnytsky NPP Nuclear Reactors 3 and 4 completion project to be failing from the economic, political, security and legal point of view.
“Monstrous projects” do have enough Nature-friendly alternatives!

In the course of the info campaign, we will highlight issues that impede the development of RES projects and energy conservation in our country. We will also approach politicians with proposals for energy-friendly, Nature-friendly and renewable energy development in Ukraine. We will demand to stop the implementation of "monstrous projects"!

You may sign a petition addressed to the Ukrainian politicians for the development of energy saving practices and RES by following the link below: https://ecoaction.org.ua/100re

Our info campaign is supported within the International Climate Initiative (MCI). The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) is supporting this initiative, based on a decision approved by the German Parliament.

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