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EHA "Green World" Strategy

Civil organization "Ecological-Humanitarian Association Green World” Development Strategy for 2017-2020

Developed in 2017

The Mission of EHA "Green World" is to contribute to the development of a Nature- and Human Rights-respecting society in Ukraine.

Strategic areas of activity:

1. Environmental education;
2. Human rights education;
3. Environmental human rights protection;
4. Sustainable development of local communities;
5. Natural reserves;
6. Climate changes. Preventive means research and adaptation;
7. Eco-tourism development;
8. Bringing the respectful attitude to human dignity and rights, to the society;
9. Preservation the historical and cultural heritage;
10. Publishing;
11. Inner development of the Organization;
12. Personal development and self-education of the members;
13. Cooperation within NGO coalitions and unions;


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